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    Planning car road trip to Chandler Az.
    I've got the route and I know I'll have to stop in Missouri. I'm coming from Wi and is there a site that I can choose where to stop? Help

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    When you say "choose where to stop" do you mean places to stop for the night, or places to stop and explore along the way?

    Without knowing exactly where in WI you're starting from, it's hard to provide much in the way of detailed advice, since that could pretty dramatically change which would be the best route and how long the trip would be.

    I can say that you're looking at a trip that's at least 1700 miles, and you'll need at least 2 (and perhaps 3) overnight stops to safely cover that many miles. Just stopping once overnight in "Missouri" would not be enough - even from Southwest Missouri, it's still 1200 miles to Chandler.

    RTA's Map Center is a great tool to help you find recommended places to check out while on the road, and if you share some more details about your trip and what you are looking for, others on this forum will certainly be willing to help you with your planning.

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    As Michael mentioned, it's at least 2 overnight stops and you shouldn't look at trying to cover more than 550 to 600 miles a day which equates to 10-11 hours of travel with basic stops for food, rest and bathroom breaks etc. You don't say when exactly you are travelling but anytime during winter means you also have to allow some 'wiggle' room in case you run into severe weather that could cause further delays. To the right of this page you will see the Roadtrip motels link, once you have mapped out your preferred overnight stops you can search for options in that area that suit your needs and budget.

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    At this time of year, I doubt that you will need reservations. There are plenty of hotels at Interstate exits everywhere. Most Interstates will have signs before each exit listing available lodging, food, and fuel. With the possibility of bad weather to slow you down, I'd maintain flexibility - when it's time to get off the road, get off the road - instead of planning each and every stop.

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