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    Default Driving From Los Angeles, CA to St. Paul, MN

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for last minute advice! I am driving from Los Angeles, Ca to St. Paul, MN November 16 and was hoping someone could shed some light on routes that I should avoid around this time or places along the way that you'd recommend I visit! Time wise, I currently have a 2 week trip planned out, but I can take a few more days if recommended. I am driving across Colorado, so that has me worried of being caught in a sudden snow storm, but Im following the weather forecast as its looking good so far!
    Also, what should are essentials when going on a road trip?!
    thanks in advance!

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    Default Sharing the detail.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If this is a one way trip it would amount to 4 full days of driving so having 2 weeks (or so) you have plenty of time to do some sightseeing along the way and if need be, sit out any storms you may come across. The answer to your question is simply avoid places that have no interest to you or are too far out of your way and visit those that hold the most appeal. As you have told us nothing of your interests or ideas for the trip it's almost impossible to start making a list of interesting places as they would literally run into their thousands. As you plan to head through Colorado then a trip to the Grand canyon and into Southern Utah for it's many scenic drives and State and National parks would be on top of my list. A few places in Colorado I would like would be Mesa Verde NP, a drive through the mountain towns of Silverton and Ouray on the 'Million dollar Highway', Colorado national Monument, Black canyon of the Gunnison NP, Currecanti Nat recreation area, Pikes peak, Garden of the Gods and of course, Rocky Mountain NP and that's just a few ideas. You will, as you rightly said, have to keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly. The good news is you should have no problem finding lodgings so you can keep your daily plans open to change if need be and sit out any potential storm or change direction. That's not to say you can't look for lodgings in advance that suit your budget and take a note of their contact details.

    I would suggest you search for ideas around the RTA site and study a decent paper map/Atlas and start marking the places that appeal to you. Once you have done so you can work on joining the dots and forming a route and then, if you have questions or are looking for a few suggestions, we can help with the 'fine tuning'.

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