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  1. Default Saint Paul, MN to Los Angeles CA

    Hi. This is my first post here and wanted to join because we will be moving from Saint Paul to LA early next month and will be driving a UHAUL truck there with our stuff. My mom and I will be driving, and it is the first time we are taking a trip this far. I would like to know what route we should take considering we would like it to be the shortest route possible as we don't intend to make the trip longer that it has to be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default shortest, perhaps fastest

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The shortest route is going to I-35 to Des Moines, I-76/I-80 to Denver, and I-70/I-15 from there. Its a touch over 1900 miles. A reasonable alternate would be to take I-80 all the way to Salt Lake City, and then down on I-15 from there. That only adds about 50 miles to the trip.

    If there is bad weather across both Wyoming and Colorado or Nebraska, you could consider taking I-35 all the way to Oklahoma City, and across I-40 from there. This adds a good 200 miles to the trip, and this route can also see bad weather, so I wouldn't recommend it unless there is a very high certainly of good weather in the southern plains and bad weather forecasted on your other options.

    In any case, you should plan to spend at least 3 nights on the road for this trip.

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    Ok, Thanks. Should bad weather in Wyoming/Colorado/Nebraska be avoided? I mean will there be events/situations where the roads will be unpassable? That may the be the route we will take instead of going south. Thanks.

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    Default forecasting

    When you are traveling in December it is possible that you will see winter weather.

    If a storm is bad enough, yes it is possible they will close down highways until the roads can be cleared again for safe travel. This is true no matter which route you take, north or south.

    Until just days before you are about to leave, it is impossible to say if and/or where you might be looking at bad weather during your specific trip. Watch the weather reports, and make the decision when you have good information.

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    I just drove from LA to St Cloud, MN last weekend.

    I left friday at 1 pm and arrived in St cloud saturday at 11 pm.

    I took the 10th...then the 15th...passed Vegas, arrived to salt lake city...then I drove through Wyoming and South dakota (I 90)...
    did not go through Nebraska nor Colorado.

    total miles 1920...add 60 more and you are in St Paul.

    I would not reccomend you to drive like I did.

    It is way better to have some fun.
    If you and your mom are driving, you can leave on a friday and get in LA on sunday evening, with no rush nor problems.
    You might find some traffic from Vegas to LA on sunday.
    So I would suggest you leaving on a thursday morning to arrive in LA on a saturday evening.

    I was in a rush and had to get there ASAP.

    Weather is going to be a big factor.

    Many roads in SD and Wyoming will be closed down if weather is bad (snow and ice).

    Contact me if you need something.


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    Default please don't

    As Tony has said, please do not consider trying to complete this trip on the sort of time line that he did. Covering that kind of distance without stopping for rest is reckless, simply put. Just because he ignored our safety recommendations and was able to make it without killing someone on this trip, hardly means that it was a safe trip. He was lucky, but unfortuantly, people try to push that luck and justify their actions as necessary. Too often those actions have a serious and even fatal results.

    In perfect conditions, this trip could be done in 3 days, but that requires a good 12 hours on the road each day. That is possible, but more than recommended, and more than what professional drivers are allowed to do because of safety rules.

    Going through south dakota and wyoming is another option to consider if you've got bad weather. When starting from St. Paul, Its about 100 miles farther than going through Denver.

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    Default And don't forgot...

    'magicmajenta' will be driving a UHAUL truck. I would imagine this would require a much slower pace.

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