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    We're planning a roadtrip to Texas in April. We have about 3 weeks and we plan to do (roughly) Dallas-Palo Duro-Monahans-Marfa-Big Bend NP-Fort Stockton-Hill County-San Antonio-Austin-Houston-Galveston-Dallas. We chose April as we wanted to get to see all the wildflowers in Hill County, but we're now considering travelling in September as it would be more convenient for us because of work.

    Which month would you say is better for that trip? Is 3 weeks enough for what we're planning to do?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm a believer in the approach that you go whenever you can go - there will be pluses and minuses for travel at any time of year.

    If all things are equal, I might lean towards April, as you're less likely to see any oppressive summer heat, and September is hurricane season, but again, you could have a great time either month, and 3 months should be a nice time for a tour of Texas.

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    Michael, I hope you meant 3 weeks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaleAle View Post
    We chose April as we wanted to get to see all the wildflowers in Hill County.

    If you have an interest in wildflowers, April is far and away your best choice. I've been through Texas many times, but my favorite trip was a couple of years ago when I took the shortcut from Interstate 10 to Austin: US 290 through Fredericksburg and Johnson City. That route bypasses San Antonio, but it saves almost 50 miles of driving and passes through the heart of the Hill Country. As it happened, that trip was in April, and I was blown away. Who knew, that Texas could be so beautiful? I've got a slide show on my personal website from that drive; the slideshow includes photos from the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin (also taken in April).

    Give the first page a minute to load, and the photos will advance automatically:

    Texas Wildflowers



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