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    Default This could be the dumbest citation of all time

    Most of the time, we overlook some of the truly dumb articles that get published on the Web about roadside attractions. But this article lowers the bar to a new level and I just had to make some comments.

    If someone were to ask you for a list of the best roadside attractions, would you make the same choices?

    Putting aside for the moment, that most of the listed "attractions" in this article were built to be tourist attractions, one could argue that this is strictly a matter of personal choice. But the writer's description of the Shoe Tree being in Death Valley is a bit hard to accept. Look at that photo. Have you ever seen that much grass in any section of Death Valley? Further Route 66 is nowhere near Death Valley. At first, I thought it might be the shoe tree near Beatty, Nevada -- but Beatty never reaches 127 degrees. So, I am mystified.

    Here is RTA's list of shoe trees

    Here is Roadside America's shoe trees map.

    So... does anyone know where the shoe tree is that the writer captured that he described as being located in Death Valley?


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    Default A long way off.

    Yeah the mind boggles ! The tree is looks like the one located near Hallelujah junction north of Reno.


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