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  1. Default I know there's a million other posts like this but could really use some advice!

    I'm planning a road trip from Seattle to LA but I have a really limited amount of time...realistically what's the quickest that this trip could be done? Also, definitely want to visit San Francisco but am thinking about adding Las Vegas to the route as much more time would this add? Am grateful for any advice on what the best stops are, like I said am really time limited which is a shame but am currently looking at possibly as little as 10 days? Possible??

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  2. Default 2 days each way, minimum

    I do the Seattle/ LA round trip about once a year. ( I actually do Bellingham WA to Orange County) It's very doable in 2 long days of driving each way. I typically spend the night somewhere between Yreaka and Redding. It is two longish days of driving -- figure 10 hours each day on the road with minimal stops (lunch, gas, bio breaks, etc.) but no real sightseeing.

  3. Default Great news!

    Thanks for such a speedy reply post! Wow! Two days...really didn't think that would be possible! That's great news though! Now just have to decide what to do with the probable 10-11 days that I'll have! Wasn't expecting to have a lot of options! Any ideas for the best stops along the way?

  4. Default Good stops

    Larrison is, of course, right -- 2 days is definitely doable.

    As for what to see along the way, what exactly are you interests? Are you interested in seeing cities or more of the countryside? Do you have to get to LA and back in those 10 days, or is this a one-way trip? How much of the area near Seattle have you already seen (Ranier, Olympic, etc.)?

    If you're only driving 1-way, 10 days is plenty of time to see a good amount, so I wouldn't worry about that. (I've driven coast-to-coast in 9 days before and saw plenty.) I haven't really done much exploring in Washington state before, so I couldn't speak for that, but if you're looking for nice scenery, I'd have to recommend spending some time driving along highway 101 in Oregon. Also, to see the bluest water in the world, you have to visit Crater Lake if you haven't already been there.

    The redwoods are fascinating in northern California and the wine valleys are very pleasant as well, especially if you just take your time going through them. I loved Lake Tahoe on the Nevada-Cali border, and if you go south from there you can hit up Yosemite and a great ghost town called Bodie, nestled back in the mountains down a fun 15-mile or so dirt road near the east Yosemite entrance, if I recall correctly. From there you could hit up Las Vegas via Death Valley (just don't overheat!), and cut back down through Joshua Tree before hitting L.A.

    Whether or not this is doable in 10 days all depends on how much time you want to spend in each of the places, especially Vegas and San Francisco.

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    Default Best stops?

    None. Not if you want to make it in two days, anyway. If you want to explore along the way, you will want to add more time to make the drive.

    And we would need to know what kind of things ring your bell. For example, I love Oregon Gardens. The gardens are lovely, of course, but I can't get enough of the Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian-style house there. If plants and architecture don't ring your bell, then this would not be a best stop for you.

    So, what do you like to see and do?

  6. Default You guys rock!

    You guys are being of SO much help! Can't believe I didn't find this site sooner!

    Ok, well am not planning on doing this road trip until September so I'm just hoping that I'm not going to hit any monsoon/hurricane etc seasons! Great news to hear that it can be done, as for my interests...I'm a city girl at heart so that is factor but I'm a total sucker for awesome scenery too so a bit of both is probably what I'm looking for. I have been to San Francisco before but have seen nothing else of the west coast. Still undecided about Veags at the moment but if I exclude it for now it might make planning a bit easier. So there you go...I'm pretty open minded! It's only a one-way trip and probably a maximum of 10 days. My friend, who I'm travelling with wants to spend 2 nights in San Francisco but other than that I'm open to any other tit-bits of info you guys might have to offer.

    Really appreicate all your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoManyOptions View Post
    as for my interests...I'm a city girl at heart so that is factor but I'm a total sucker for awesome scenery too so a bit of .

    Really appreicate all your help!
    hi there,if you want some awesome scenery then yosemite is well worth a detour either before or after san francisco. the valley floor and tioga pass are amazing but the view from glacier point is unbelievable!
    have a great trip!!

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    Default September should be fine

    Of course, the weather patterns seem to be so odd the last few years that it's anybody's guess, but September is typical one of the nicest/sunniest/driest months in the Pacific NW.

    The previous suggestions are great. Any of them would be worth doing. With 10 days to go one way, I would really recommend that you do the coastal route down 101 and CA-1. With 10 days, you can veer inland to do Crater Lake and Yosemite as well.

    I'm confused. Are you ending up in LA or San Francisco?

  9. Default

    Planning on finishing in LA so the route is pretty much the west coast. Love the sound of Yosemite...hadn't thought about just going inland to see that, automatically associated it with going to Vegas. Great news on the weather front..although it is true that recent years cannot be relied upon...where have the seasons gone?!

  10. Default San Francisco to Vegas via Death Valley


    I know there seem to be heaps of posts about this but as much as I try I can't find answer to a couple of questions re this route so thought I'd post a quick thread to ask....

    So SFO to Vegas via Death planning on doing it in one day...if you have a map handy....driving South from SFO down the Big Sur (can't afford to miss this!) and then heading east when we hit Atascadero, through Bakersfield and then along the road that goes through Ridgecrest into Death Valley then following this road until we reach a point where we can head south towards Vegas (am thinking maybe crossing the border to Beatty and then heading south from there??) So yes...I know it's going to be a long day! I was wondering if anyone knew realistically how long this might take (obviously scheduling a few bathroom breaks along the way!) Also I was wondering what the road/driving conditions are like this way??

    Am planning on doing this part of the trip mid grateful for any opinions and insights!

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