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    Leaving tomorrow thanks for your help

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    Im currently in Weyburn, Saskatchewan tomorrow i will be arriving in calgary.
    Ive used google maps the whole way here are some tidbits of my thoughts during this trip.

    1. Motel 6 houses prostitues

    2. Travel Lodge is Nice

    3. Canada is awesome, i love how diverse it is and everyone is friendly.

    4. North dakota is an absolute ghost town i almost ran out of gas going though it

    5. I've driven through New york, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois(TOLLS ARE RIDICULOUS), Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Saskatchewan.

    6. there are so many truck drivers and farms in America, if i were running for president i would target them and pandora to them and i guarantee i would win the popular vote and electoral college by a record landslide.

    7. had to fill up the tank (Lexus ES300 2000) one a half times each day

    8. I got 1 speeding ticket in Wisconsin

    9. When crossing the border they didn't even check my car, took about 40 mins of paperwork and simple questions had my passport and letter from school simple as pie.


    11. I thought there would be more scenery but i didn't even see anything really just a lotto farms

    12.On the second day of my trip i got 1 hour of sleep but still drove from hubbard Oh to rockford IL with a giant hemorrhoid, i wanted to get there ASAP so i dint drink any water at all the entire day so i wouldnt have to stop to pee, HUGE MISTAKE, my hemorrhoid got a million times worse and over the next two days driving 16 hours sitting on it was hell, but I'm a champion so i toughed it out and thank god for PREPARATION H.

    13. Did i mention the ILLINOIs tollway sucks... IT DOES!!!

    14. on the 3rd day of my trip, when i drove from rockford to fergus falls, i don't remember what state it was but they had service plazas that are basically mini malls with bathrooms every 50 miles and after learning that dehydration worsens hemorrhoids on day 3 i must of drank 12 bottles of water and was stopping every hour and half at a plaza to piss, so thank you to them

    15. THANK YOU JAPAN!!! your cars are so reliable. Sure my lexus has taken some beating during this trip, but is pulling through like Rocky. Before i took the trip all i did was get an oil change and get a new air filter and new snow tires, I will only drive japanese cars from now on for there reliability.

    16. i miss my cats

    17. Ive only had a free breakfast Once while staying at hotels, some raisin bran cereal, Ive never checked out properly, i just leave my key in the room and leave, because I've departed every morning at 6 or 7am and arrived at my rest stop around 2-3-4pm.

    18. 1 red bull does wonders, i was getting tired 2 days in a row with about 2 to 3 hours left on each of my drives, 1 red bull and baby i was riding like the wind.

    20. FINALLY, i have to thank the people not his forum who scared the shit out me when i first posted that i was gonna do 13 hours a day and make this trip into 3 days. LMFAO. NOT POSSIBLE is right! Thank you for scaring me into planning it out. Im going to be traveling a lot in my life and this is the first of many road trips i will experience as i will be wrestling around the world in the very near future.

    Anyways I'm just bored so I'm venting about that i thought about or things that happened during this trip, this is what happens when you drive 2500 miles by yourself and you don't have your cats, you get lonely and bored.
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    Thanks for checking in.

    We're glad you have made it this far, and we're glad you adjusted your route appropriately - although it doesn't seem like the importance of getting rest really sank in. If you have to rely on red bull to keep you going, your driving abilities are already being impaired by fatigue, and if you only got 1 hour of sleep in Ohio, then your chances of being in a crash were about 20 times higher than normal during the following day. Something to keep in mind for those future trips you have planned.

    Your outrage at the tolls in Illinois is odd. You should have paid somewhere between $7-13 in cash tolls (half that if you had an ezpass) - and I suppose if you were blindly following google, you might have taken the quite expensive Chicago Skyway, but even there, you would have paid quite a bit more for tolls in Ohio.

    Of course, the tolls costs, and the amount you spent on motels combined is probably about the same as the $200+ speeding ticket you got.....

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    Haha. Thanks for checking in and yes, always keep water and snacks in the car ! I think this learning curve will hold you in god stead for future road trips when you have time to explore the things all around you.

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