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    Default Google maps - upgraded

    I just found out that Google has updated their mapping software so that the user can not only search for a route, but can drag and modify the route as well, similar to the capabilities available on some of the shrink wrapped mapping software.

    It's not perfect, but it is an interesting tool to have available.

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    Default Import POIs?

    Does anyone know if there's a tool to import Google Earth placemarks/POIs into Google Maps? I've searched but haven't come up with anything that works. Help!

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    Default nice feature

    I noticed the new feature on Google a couple weeks ago, and it seems to be a pretty nice feature. I can't think of another online option that makes it so easy to compare a few similar route options.

    Its not perfect, and will plot some sections where you'd be doubling-back if your not careful. I've also had a few cases where the "pause point" has been inserted in a totally random place, causing for some really crazy results, and it took a few seconds of searching for the "delete this spot" feature to get ride of it.

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