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    Hi all!

    I wondered if anyone out there could give me some advice on my awesome American road trip!

    I land on May 5th in I want to try some key lime pie, go to a baseball game and soak up the atmosphere on South Beach.

    After that, I head to Alabama where I've found a bread roll throwing cafe in Mobile that I want to check out! I have a few days here and want to really experience something I would never beable to see back home...ANY TIPS?!

    From there, I head to Mississippi, Jackson and another place I haven't decided on...does anyone know of any mud pie throwing contests?!!! Or anything along those lines?!! Someplace I can meet locals, soak up the vibe!

    Next on my list is New Orleans to a second-line...which I am super excited for! Again, I have a few days here so any pointers on 'off the beaten track' experiences (preferably involving FOOD!!!) would be faaaabulous! I finish my adventure in Texas at the infamous steakout.

    Any advice or anything I simply cannot miss along the way...I am all ears! The more out there, the better!!

    Thanks a mil :-)

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    Welcome to RTA!

    You'll have a lot of fun at Lambert's in Foley, AL, if its anything like their sister location in Sikeston, MO. My MIL used to talk a lot about going to Lambert's.


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    I finish my adventure in Texas at the infamous steakout.
    Would that be the Big Texan in Amarillo? You may want to stay in their motel too. It's all Old West motif, it's clean and well maintained. When I was there, a free breakfast buffet in the restaurant came with the room. No room wifi unless they've added it since I was last there, but the restaurant has it.

    I've eaten several times at Lambert's in Ozark and Sikeston, but never in Foley. Bring cash, they do not take credit or debit cards.

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