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    I'd go direct from Sequoia to SF, it's not that far a drive, about 4 hours. Sacramento is out of the way and really doesn't have that much to do or see.

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    I was doubting that choice, so we will go direct to SF, thanks.

    I'll be posting the updated itinerary soon. Looks quite good how is coming along Thanks to all for your help so far.

  3. Default itinerary version 2

    Having evaluated people's comments, I have made changes to my original plan.

    I removed Sacramento and only include sightseeing in Carmel on our way to Santa Barbara, same with Los Angeles. I think I would rather spend additional time in San Diego and Santa Barbara rather than rushing from one to another.

    We considered different airports as starting point but none gave real benefit to change the routes, anyway it was an interesting exercise.

    Included the Tioga Pass entrance to Yosemite, and two nights and Mammoth lakes (around 40 minutes from Yosemite).
    Last point of the trip is Grand Canyon, and I include an overnight stay as suggested, starting early on the first day and departing late on the second day will give us (I hope) enough time to appreciate it in more detail.

    22/23/24 July, NYC
    25 July 2016, Las Vegas
    26 July 2016, Drive to Death Valley (AM -Early), Drive to Mammoth lakes, Night at Mammoth lakes
    27 July 2016, Drive through Tioga pass to Yosemite
    28 July 2016, Yosemite
    29 July 2016, Drive to Sequoia
    30 July 2016, Sequoia
    31 July 2016, Drive from Sequoia to San Francisco
    1 August 2016, San Francisco
    2 August 2016, San Francisco
    3 August 2016, San Francisco
    4 August 2016, Drive from San Francisco to Carmel, Drive from Carmel to Santa Barbara
    5 August 2016, Santa Barbara
    6 August 2016, Drive to Los Angeles, sightseeing Los Angeles, Drive to San Diego
    7 August 2016, San Diego
    8 August 2016, San Diego
    9 August 2016, Drive to Lake Havasu City
    10 August 2016, Drive to Grand Canyon
    11 August 2016, Grand Canyon, late Drive to Las Vegas
    12 August 2016, Depart

    - A few questions:
    Is the helicopter ride 'a must' for Grand Canyon visit?
    My idea for Yosemite and Sequoia is basically to get hire bikes and explore... is this the best way to do it?
    Las Vegas with under 18s.... any recommendations? I saw the Zip Wire and that is appealing to my sons, any other activities?

    Thanks for all the help so far.

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    Default Looks pretty good.

    Bikes in Yosemite valley are very popular and can be fun but you also have free shuttle buses that take you to trailheads etc. I am not sure about Sequoia, but driving to the various areas is common.

    The helicopter ride over the canyon from Tusayan airport is really neat and a memorable experience but not necessarily a must, that's for you to decide. I will say that with limited time there you will have plenty to see from the rim.

    Just walking down the Strip in Vegas and watching the Bellagio water fountains, the Volcano erupting and the pirate ship battles, is pretty cool in themselves and all free ! There are a couple of 'hairy' rides at the top of the Stratosphere tower if he wants to be flung around off the top of the building !

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    A couple things:

    I'd spend the second Yosemite night somewhere else than Mammoth Lakes - either in the park or just outside in El Portal.

    San Francisco to Santa Barbara is a bit much for one day - I'd get a head start the day before and spend the night in the Carmel area, or if leaving SF in the morning, look at a night in San Simeon or Cambria.

    Even from Santa Barbara, trying to see LA in one day and finish in San Diego is going to be rough. LA is just too huge to see in the space of just a few hours.

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    Ok, almost all booked. Flights, and hotels.

    Changed the three nights in Mammoth lakes to one, and two in Yosemite West, you were right, when looking at the map that would've been a bit of a trek.

    We also split the SF with Carmel as suggested, thank you for the recommendations.

    Having reviewed all the itinerary and after discussing with my husband, we agreed we weren't that bothered about LA so a quick drive by to "tick" the box would suffice us.

    I have to book a couple more hotels but the main ones are done, especially those that would book quick like Yosemite and sequoia.

    Now the hard part......... To schedule each day to make sure we get to see it all....

    I'll come back when I figure out that part :)

    Again, thanks for all the help so far...... 8 months, 22 days to go! (Not that I'm counting....)

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    No such thing as a "quick drive by" in LA. You will not believe the traffic till you see it.

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    Default LA traffic.

    My first experience of driving in the US was from LA to Bishop - though I only got as far as Ridgecrest.

    Started right in the heart of LA, where I picked up the car, and was shown how to get onto the Interstate - I think it was I-10. Was told to take that to I-15, and had a map for the rest. After more than two hours, I figured I must have missed the turn off, so pulled off the highway to find a spot to check my maps. I was staggered to find I was not yet anywhere near I-15.

    Such is the traffic in LA, even in the middle of the day.


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    I'm gonna have a think about that one and if we have to skip it all together, then we may have to. My husband's pet peeve is sitting in traffic and would happily drive 50 miles away just to avoid being stationary! I'm not going to mention this little situation for now though... until I rethink LA.

  10. Default Vehicles

    Departure date is fast approaching. We need to make a decision about a car/vehicle.

    We have two choices, we are looking at Ford Fusion (or similar) or Santa Fe (or similar), we have £200 difference (about $285)...

    In your experience. What is the likelihood of being offered an upgrade to an SUV type vehicle. We would like one of these but are struggling to justify the extra expense. Would we be offered an upgrade at a reduced rate?

    Would the trip in a standard car be spoiled? (We are two adults, 2 teens)

    Moderator Note: Please keep all questions about the same trip in the same thread.
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