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    Default Our first road trip

    Hi guys!

    My friend and I are planning our first ever road trip, in September (which I hope still qualifies as Summer else I'm in the wrong thread).

    We're going to LA, and we need to include Monterey, San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam along the way - then back to LA all in the space of 2 weeks.

    REALLY hoping to do this in a Mustang convertible also!

    Any advice of tips from anyone that's done this would be appreciated. I'm going to keep digging through the forum to find out more info. Glad we found it, great resource :)



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    Default Fantastic loop !

    Hello Andy, welcome to R.T.A !

    This is a very popular road trip and rightly so, the amazing and diverse scenery is unbelievably great. With 2 weeks to spare you certainly have time to do this loop and by searching the forums you will find loads of info, and once you have done that you can ask more specific questions if you have any.
    To get you started here are some of our favorite threads covering the area.
    At the moment the only tip I can think of is that if you reverse your trip direction, coming down the PCH from SF to LA the ocean views and pull outs will be on your side of the road.
    Enjoy the planning !

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    Thanks for the links, some good reading in there. Hadn't even thought about going the other way around you know, makes sense so we'll certainly consider that idea.

    One question I have right away, we considered booking accomodation in advance, online or otherwise. Would you recommend instead to just rock up and take our chances with rooms being available - it would give us more flexibility I guess, but could be a pain if places are full up. Not sure what's the norm really.

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    Default No "norm".

    There really isn't "a norm" it's just a case of flexibility against the security of knowing where you will be sleeping the night. It's deciding which one suits you the best. In Sept you should be OK finding rooms in or near the main city's but if you want to stay inside the parks such as Yosemite and GC it would be worth considering booking those in advance, although there are cheaper lodgings outside. Death valley has limited lodgings, mainly Stovepipe Wells and Furnace creek so if you want a night in the desert I would also look to be booking up their.

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    September will be right after peak season, so you will have a better chance of being to obtain "walk-in" accommodations than you would in July and August - which is when families take their vacations with school being out.

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