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  1. Default Delaware down the coast, across the Carolinas, up Mountain

    Hey guys I was hoping I could get some advice!
    I'm looking at doing a trip from Delaware, driving down the coast to the Carolinas and back up through the mountains.

    I'm going to the Smokey Mountains and Skyline Drive, but other than that I'm not to sure. I've been looking at;
    Smokey Mountains: Clingmans Dome, camp Balsam Mountain hopefully, some waterfalls and hike chimney tops.
    Skyline Drive: Go the whole stretch, Luray Caverns, hiking Big Meadows, and camping in Lewis Mountain possibly.

    I'm looking at going this fall or pushing it off till the spring if I have to. I'm just looking at tent camping, possibly back packing for a few nights. It's just me, another person and a mutt who loves to swim.

    Does anyone have a suggestions of can't miss places? Too see, camp, eat whichever? Or suggestions for going down the coast?

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    Default An Outline of One Such Plan

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This general idea of a RoadTrip up and down the east coast using roads (any roads!) that are NOT I-95 has come up before. A while ago I wrote up my suggestions for two such routes, one along the coast and one farther inland, that you might find useful in your planning.

    Historical average overnight lows in the middle Appalachians (Virginia/West Virginia area) are already down in the mid-50s and will be down to the mid-40s by the end of September, so you can use that as a guide on whether you want to get this trip in now or wait until things get much warmer next summer.

    Go Hens!


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