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  1. Default Up west coast, across the top, and down Route 66

    This will be our first road trip. Not sure if it'll be just me and my boyfriend or if we'll have two friends with us.

    We live in So Cal and are planning to do this in one trip:
    -Go up the west coast through CA, OR, and WA (route 1)
    -Go through the top states and Canada (route 7)
    -Head over to Chicago (route 5 to route 8)
    -Take Route 66 back home (route 11)

    Any suggestions of places to go, things to see? How long would you think this trip would take? We aren't super touristy, but we would like to see some interesting things so it's not just a boring trip.

    We will be taking a Westy so we have two beds and a kitchen all within our transportation. =) Any idea of the cost since we'll be saving money on housing and food (except for maybe a few times along the trip when we'll get a hotel or restaurant it)?
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    Default don't limit yourself

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We've had a lot of this lately, but I would strongly encourage you not to limit yourself to the 10 or so ideas that Jamie came up with in for his Roadtrip USA book. Its a great starting point to get ideas, but too many people see this and make the mistake of thinking these are the only option or even the best options for a roadtrip, and that's simply not the case. There are millions of great things and possibilities, and what makes a roadtrip great and unique from other forms of travel is the ability to set your own route instead only doing exactly what someone else has already done.

    As far as things to see so its "not a boring trip" your attitude will have far more to do with this than any list of attractions that anyone could provide. Frankly, if you think its even possible that this could be a "boring trip" I don't know why you'd even be doing it. You're talking about a trip that would cover the entire US, so the number of things to see would easily reach into the millions, so start with the basics. Why did you pick the route you came up with? Presumably there are things on this route that you already know that you want to do?

    Very roughly speaking, I think you'd need at least a month to do this trip, however, if you are going to be spending a lot of time on two lane roads trying to explore the coast highway and what's left of route 66, you might find that isn't enough time.

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    Definitely not looking to limit ourselves! That's just a map that when I saw it it gave a good idea as to what would be cool to do. I had no idea before, originally we wanted to just go up and down Route 66.

    So Route 66 was our only actual plan. We want to visit everywhere possible while we're still able to so that's what brought about this recent plan.

    If there are things along the way that look cool to visit then we'll do it. However, I don't want to end up driving along the roads and have no idea what's just off our path that we're missing.

    Wow, I'll actually admit I did not realize that that map has to do with a book. x-P Other than that book (which I believe I'll be buying) what is a good way to find out other interesting places. This book looks like its very basic on things other then the roads to take and which cities it hits.

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    Default a good map

    Many times, a good map is just as, if not more valuable than a book - at least for a starting point. I'd head down to your favorite big box store and pick up a rand mcnally atlas for about $5, or a big hanging wall map of the US and just spend a little time looking around. That will give you a great idea of all the different places that are out there, and an idea of where they are spacially.

    I'd also recommend that you simply spend some time looking around here, both at other threads on the forum and the many great articles and recommendations you'll find in the planning section.


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