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    There are several ways to visit Gettysburg, and the self-guided tour is just one of them. They do offer guided tours with a licensed battlefield guide, for an extra charge. There are also a number of commercial tours available in the area that claim to have a historian as tour guides. Check the link, which goes to the NPS site, and scroll down for further links.

    When we were in Gettysburg last summer, we used a number of different materials: a book, the NPS paper tour guide, read almost every sign we saw. It was very helpful (to me) to watch the 90s movie GETTYSBURG before we left, to watch the incredible movie that is held in the Visitor Center, and to see the Cyclorama presentation. Do all that first before embarking on any type of tour, be it self-guided or historian-guided.


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    For Appomattox, do the Blue Ridge Parkway after - beautiful ride! That will lead you to the Shenandoah Valley and up. Plan for a full day for Gettysburg. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely swing by Richmond, VA on your way to Appomattox - the Hollywood Cemetery is there (has the most American Generals buried than any other cemetery in the US and is rumored to be haunted). There is a lot of Jefferson Architecture - along with a whole lot of both Revolutionary and Civil War battle sites. This would include Jamestown and Williamsburg. It was not only the first settlement for the future United States of America but the First British Colony. Established in 1607, briefly abandoned in 1610, but reclaimed in 1616. This is truly the birthplace of USA and the proving ground for both Revolutionary and Civil Wars. This could be done by coming thru Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA (both ran rum from the Bahamas to supply funds for the confederacy). Follow that up to Williamsburg and then to Richmond - on west to Appomattox and Lynchburg and take 29 to Charlottesville. That would cover some interesting things in Virginia - where a lot of history is missed.

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    Default Always apporeciated

    Hi cfbuck, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    It is always nice to see new members jump in and share their experiences and knowledge. More information for the OP to help plan their trip.

    Thank you, and feel free to start your own thread if/when you are looking for some help with a roadtrip..


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