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  1. Default Whatdo you think of this schedule?

    Hey everyone,

    We will travel through the westcoast at the end of may 2014. We will move around a lot, and have soms periods where we stay with family and stay in one place, or make daily trips in the surrounding area. Feedback on our schedule would be more than welcome!

    May 26: Las vegas
    May 27: Las Vegas
    May 28: Drive to Bryce NationalPark (Stay in Jucy Rental)
    May 29: Bryce
    May 30: Drive to Zion National Park (Stay in Jucy Rental)
    May 31: Drive to North Rim Grand Canyon (Stay in Jucy Rental)
    June 1: Las Vegas (Drop off Jucy Rental,Continue in normal car)
    June 2: Drive to Sequoia National Park
    June 3: Drive to Groveland
    June 4: Groveland
    June 5: Groveland
    June 6: San Francisco
    June 7: Santa Rosa CA
    June 8: Santa Rosa CA
    June 9: Santa Rosa CA
    June 10: Santa Rosa CA
    June 11: San Francisco
    June 12: San Francisco
    June 13: Drive to Cambria
    June 14: Los Angeles
    June 15: Los Angeles
    June 16: Drive to Las Vegas
    June 17: Fly back home from Las Vegas

    Thx in advance!

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    Default Perfectly Reasonable

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The schedule you've laid out is fine. No driving days are too much, the longest being only around 400 miles. There is plenty of down time in the various locations where you'll be stopping. We always wish there could be more time in a vacation, but your use of what you have seems quite reasonable. Enjoy!


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    Thanx! Good to hear that it comes across as a good plan. I would have liked to have more time in SF and LA, but we will make the most of this and will visit enough nice places. And, we can always try and come back later. :)

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    Default Yosemite?

    Is your stay in Groveland to visit Yosemite NP? It would be a shame to miss out on one of the jewels in the crown of National Parks.


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    Yeah, we will meet up with people we know who are located in Groveland by that time, with the purpose of visiting Yosemite. Thanx for the advice anyway!

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    Default A tweak to consider.

    Personally I would alter the beginning of your trip and vist Zion first, then Bryce and then the North rim. First it will cut out a few miles and secondly, Bryce is the easier to enjoy in a short space of time. Therefor if you went to Zion you could spend the rest of the day and some of the following morning enjoying Zion 28th/29th before continuing to Bryce via the Mt Carmel tunnel and enjoy a sunset over the rim. Next morning [30th] you could enjoy Bryce and make your way towards the GC for the night. That would give you a full day at the GC on the 31st [recommended] before heading back to Vegas on the 1st. All the parks are magnificent but the point I'm making is that Bryce canyon can be enjoyed while taking up less time than the other two and it's Bryce you have allocated the most time to.

    After visiting Sequoia I would actually stay in Oakhurst the following night and then you can enter the park from the south early the next morning and enjoy Mariposa Grove and the amazing Glacier point and then settle into Groveland for a couple of nights and visit the valley before continuing to SF.

    If you have time in SF, I would recommend an Alcatraz tour, if that's something that appeals I would also book in advance to save queuing in the hope you will get aboard the boat. Book through the National park website as they are the only officially recommended ticket office where you don't pay extra agent fees or have to take extra tours, which is the way they make their profit.

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    Thx a lot for your information! I will take a look at it and discuss it with the rest of the group. Good to know about the tickets for the Alcatraz tour, since I definitely want to do that. Thx again!

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