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    Hi Folks,
    I'm planning a trip to the states for myself and my dad and am looking at a road trip between Dallas and Denver. I'm planning to do the 850 miles in approx 7-8 days.
    We are travelling from Ireland where we are both farmers and have experience in Dairy, Beef and Tillage.
    My Dad has always been fascinated by the agriculture scene in the States and I am trying to organise visits to the various different farming scenes that are on our route, namely Dairy, Beef and Tillage, as well as scenic drives and stopovers.

    We would love to visit some ranchs, feedlots and some tillage farms along the route.

    Any advice or suggestions for routes, farm vists and overnight stopovers would be much appreciated.

    Thanks very much

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    Default Non farming attractions.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I can't help with the agricultural side of your trip and it might be something that you need to do a seperate search for, but while most of America sleeps perhaps I can give you a couple of pointers. You will find a lot of info searching the forums and trip planning pages above with regards to possible routes, as there are many. You can simply scroll down this page and find 'Similar Threads' and repeat on the next one you open as many times as you wish.

    One such route that I would look at would be to first head west to Carlsbad caverns and White sands NM before starting north towards Santa Fe and Taos Pueblo. From here you could drive part of the Enchanted Circle to Questa or visit Rio Grande State park or the bridge. Heading further north you have lots of options, the wonderful Great Sand dunes NP from where you could head north to Salida and take US50 which follows the Arkansas river through a gorge to Canon City. Nearby is the Royal Gorge bridge, but it is expected to remain closed until the summer due to damage caused by the Gorge fire. Around Manitou and Colorado Springs you will find Cave of the Winds, the lovely Garden of the Gods and arguably Americas most famous mountain, Pikes Peak.

    These are just a few 'headline' attractions among many, many others and would up your mileage to about 1300 miles, or 2.5 days dedicated driving. Of course you might want to leave some time to head further north than Denver to Estes Park and visit parts of the spectacular Rocky mountain NP.

    Enjoy the planning.

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    Default Those middle States.

    Like Dave, I am not fully conversant with agriculture in the States. It not being one of my prime interests. However, as I drive through OK, KS and NE. I notice that much of the land is agriculture. I recall seeing (and smelling) large feed lots along highway 440 in KS.

    Since these States would be along your route, have you thought of simply doing a search by going to the States' websites?


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