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    Default Ski trip - Shortest route - houston/dallas to denver

    I have made many trips to Colorado to go skiing over the years and I ahve always choosen to drive through Amarillo (Hwy 287), then either over Raton pass, or through the panhandle of oklahoma and through the plains of Colorado on my way toward denver.

    Most trip planners though suggest the ALL interstate route of straight north on I-35 to Kansas, then out I-70 to Denver.

    The trip through Amarillo is 100 miles shorter than the all interstate route.

    Has anyone ever compared them in actual drive, to see which is shorter time wise. I know the route planners all figure a higher average speed on the Interstates, but having drivin 287 in the past most of it is the same speed limit as an interstate (75 day/65 night), soits hard to determine which route to take.

    obviosly I am more concerned about time than sights along the way for this type of trip. But I was just curious what other people could report of these routes.

    PS: Going 287 has benefited me in the past as a storm shut down I-70 while my route remained open.

  2. Default My cousin the truck driver...

    My cousin drives that route regularly in his semi -- he always uses US287, both for traffic and time. So I'd guess you've been doing it right because my cuz is a pretty sharp guy! Bob

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks, for the info, guess I will stick with my old standard! 287 it is!

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