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    Hi My husband and I plan to spend 1 month holidaying in USA possibly some time in Canada.
    We will perhaps do an Amtrack trip maybe flying into Chicargo then train to San Franicisco.
    We would then do the road trip after that. We would like to head North rather than South.
    Any ideas or suggestions would be grateful. Thanks

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The "Where to go?" is probably the most impossible question we get on the forum. The reality is that figuring out what you want to see really is the first step in the planning process, and with millions of possibilities, a huge amount of time available, and basically the entire continent available, its just not something we can decide for you.

    If you start your roadtrip from San Francisco, you could certainly go north, by heading up the coast past the redwoods and into Oregon and Washington, even into British Columbia if you'd like. There are also plenty of inland things in the mountains all along the coastal states. And of course, you could go even farther inland to places like Utah, Yellowstone, Glacier, and the Canadian Rockies.

    We'd like to help more, but the ball really has to be in your court here. There is no single "best" answer, or even a list of best to generically pick from, roadtrips are about deciding what you want, and then making it happen.

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    Default Weather considerations.

    Winter does come earlier to the higher elevations and particularly to the Northern areas. Yellowstone and Glacier could well be in 'winter mode' with snow and sub zero temps.

    As Michael mentioned, it's really down to you and what sort of a trip you want and only you can decide for sure. I will say that the Southwest in Oct/Nov can be a wonderful experience. The crowds are dwindling, the desert temps are still warm, but not too hot [mostly] and you can get Fall colours at lower elevations and possible snow at higher points, such as in the Sierra Nevada.

    Do a little research and weigh up the Pros and cons of what takes your fancy and when you think you have it figured we can help you to get the best from your choices. You could do a loop trip from SF and see Lot's of interesting places, Yosemite, the coast, LA, Grand canyon, Southern Utah, Vegas, Death valley etc, or plan a one way trip in any direction you wish.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Several weeks in Oct/Nov starting from San Francisco gives you lots of options. You could head south or east (see suggestions above). You could head north along the coastal regions of northern California, Oregon, and Washington. If you want to cross the border into Canada, then ask prior to booking rental car.

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