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  1. Default Relocating from Lancaster to Austin

    Hello everyone - I'm new to this but need a little help.

    We are 2 adults and 2 children about to travel from Lancaster PA to Austin Tx and have decided to do our first road trip.

    We have spaced the journey into 5/6 hours per day and would like to do this over 5 days, thus enabling us to have one day with very little traveling and we would like to take the most direct route, plus sticking to the major roads, ensuring no car sickness!

    On researching the distance etc it would appear that we stop at Harrisonburg, Knoxville, Memphis, Dallas and then Austin. It would
    be great if we could have advise from the group as to"neat places" that we could stop to take the children, so that the journey is not too boring.

    Any other advise as the best way to handle this with 2 children is really really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    How old are the children? What was be "neat" to an 11 year old would be passe to a 5 year old, for instance.

    Just from experience, though - when I was a kid, I wasn't really thrilled with the scenic places and other things on our family vacations. But when I grew into adulthood, guess who wanted to do road trips and see scenic places, show my husband things I saw on family vacations, and repeat the experiences for my children!?


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    Hi Donna

    Kids are 4 and 6


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    Default A Slightly Different Pace

    I think you're selling yourself a bit short on what you can accomplish in 5-6 hours of driving each day. If you just do 2 three-hour 'jaunts' each day broken up with a fair-sized break at a local park, you can still make the drive in 4 days, getting off the road before dinner time, with overnights in Wytheville, VA with nearby Mount Rogers National Recreation Area; Nashville; and Hot Springs, AR (Be sure to sign the kids up for the Junior Ranger Program.) such a plan would let you take your 'day off' in the middle of the trip, in Nashville, where, among other attractions, ones that are particularly child friendly include the Adventure Science Center, the Nashville Zoo, the Tennessee Central Railway Museum, and the Lane Motor Museum.


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