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    I need to travel slolo from Lancaster County Pa to Denver CO. I not looking at spending a lot of time site seeing. I would like to know the best route to Denver. Should I go the northern route through Chicago( Do you actually go through the city?). Or do I take a southern route? Is the southern route easier to drive? Please give me you thoughts and advice.

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    I don't know that I could call one route better than the other, but they are different. I-80 via Chicago is tollways through most of the eastern section of the trip, but it doesn't go through any downtown areas. You'll stay to the south of both Cleveland and Chicago, although you can see some significant traffic delays around Chicago/Gary, IN. Once you get west of there Des Moines and Omaha are your only 2 bigger cities left. I-70 doesn't have as many tolls (PA Turnpike and a small stretch in KS), but it does go through a few more cities, like Indianapolis, St. Louis, and KC that can also see traffic problems.

    That's probably the main differences between the two options. I don't think either would be easier to drive or generically "better" so just make your decision on which route sounds nicer to you.

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