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    Last June we moved from southwest FL to the Bay Area of CA. We took I-10 to NOLA and then went north and took I-40 the rest of the way. This June we're moving from the Bay Area to NOLA and we're trying to decide if we want to take 40 again or go south on 5 and then try 10 the whole way this time. Concerned about heat and trying to find gas/lodging in west TX. Thanks!

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    I always vote for a different route each time for variety.

    Gas and lodging in west Texas is not a major issue. It's 550 miles from El Paso to San Antonio, and the speed limit for a majority of that stretch is 80 mph. This is a very reasonable drive for one day. The largest town in between is probably Fort Stockton, which has plenty of gas and lodging and it's roughly halfway. Your longest stretch with no fuel is probably no more than 100 miles and there should be lodging in some of the smaller towns - you just won't have a decent choice.

    If you do go that way, I'd recommend you avoid the LA basin by taking 99 instead of 5 - and then taking 58 out of Bakersfield to 395 to 15 and 215 to get to 10.

    In fact, that would be a 4 day drive - and the overnights would space out very nicely at Blythe, El Paso, and San Antonio. My software does say that's the fastest route.

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    Thanks. :)

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