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    Default Government Shutdown?

    If the Government shuts down next weekend or two weeks later, how will this affect the National Parks/Monuments? Will any remain open?

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    In a word: No.

    National Parks are not considered an essential service, so they would be shutdown.

    Based on what happened in 1995, Gates to the Parks would be closed, buildings would be locked up, and all parks staff would get a nice vacation (paid for, but not until after the situation is resolved.)

    The other big impact for travelers would be for passports and visas, as applications would not be processed during the shutdown either.

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    How about parks that have state or national highways going through them. Will these roads be open to through traffic?

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    I'm going to have to make a guess here - if there's an entrance gate it will be closed. If there are no gates, it will be open. Example: AZ-64 through the Grand Canyon South Rim will be closed. US-191 through the northwest corner of Yellowstone will be open.

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    According to a travel website I frequent:
    During those two closures [in 1996 and 1997], the National Park Service was reduced to just 1% of its usual staff and employed only four people in Washington D.C. The gates to major parks were closed and locked tight, and wire fences were strung up around national monuments. Many travelers canceled their trips, which left hotels and campground empty, costing park dependent communities an average of $14 million per day.

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    Wow, never even thought about this as an issue! Planning a trip in two weeks that will take me through both the Gateway Arch and Hot Springs! Thanks for the insight, glad they are not my only destination!

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    Quote Originally Posted by markowle View Post
    Planning a trip in two weeks
    As of right now it appears that normal operations will continue for...two weeks. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.


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