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  1. Default Planning a trip from LV to SF to SD to GC back to LV

    Hi, my boyfriend and I are planning on going to Vegas for 3 days to get married then we have booked to pick some motorbikes up in Vegas and start touring California. Just want some advice really and if this is doable but what we want to do is the following:-
    3 nights in Vegas
    Wednesday night - Yosemite
    Thursday and Friday night - San Francisco
    Saturday night - Santa Barbara
    Travel through LA onto San Diego
    Sunday and Monday night - San Diego
    Tuesday night - Palm Springs
    Wednesday night - Needles
    Thursday night - Grand Canyon
    Friday night - not sure
    Saturday night - Las Vegas
    Fly home on the Sunday

    We have a floating night - hence I have put not sure on the second Friday night as we are not sure if what we have planned is accessable and hopefully someone will help in any way. We have booked our accomodation in Vegas so that is sorted but have not booked any other and was just going to see where we landed and find somewhere. All I want to know is if there are plenty of places to rest our heads along the way and find fuel.

    Many thanks levi

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, everything you have listed could be done, but some a few things I'd recommend tweaking.

    Vegas to SF in 2 days, with a stop in Yosemite really won't give you much time in Yosemite at all, and you'll have even less time if you'd want to see any of Death Valley. I'd recommend adding a night on that leg.

    Also, SF to Santa Barbara is a long day to push along the coast. Doable, but I'd likely be stopping closer to Cambria, of course, either way, it's a pretty long day to San Diego too.

    On the flip side, its only a couple hours from SD to Palm Springs, and from there you could certainly get farther than Needles.

    You should never be too far from a gas station, just be mindful of how far you'll be between major stops, and make sure you're looking to refuel by the time you get to about 1/4 tank.

    Lodging shouldn't be difficult, unless you want to stay within the National Parks, which can fill up quickly. If you're willing to stay outside the parks, you shouldn't have any problems.

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