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  1. Default Memphis to D.C. through Kentucky

    Hi! I have been traveling the same route through Knoxville and the moutains for months now. I am looking for a new route that is not too much longer but takes me through Kentucky, since I've never been there. Any helpful routes will be awesome. Thanks!

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    Default If it's Kentucky you want............ can get it, but you'll probably have to take most of West Virginia along with it.

    Hello fishy11k,

    I suppose the most direct route eliminating some of TN and all of VA in favor of KY and WV is as follows:

    I-40 to Nashville, thence I-65/Bluegrass Parkway/I-64 to Charleston, WV, I-79 to Morgantown, I-68 to Hagerstown, MD, and I-70-270 to the northwest side of DC.

    I've only traveled the I-64 section of this between Lexington, KY and Charleston, WV, and as a result, I avoid it like the plague nowadays. It's been nearly 10 years now, but the Huntington-Charleston part was a very congested industrial corridor, and the section of I-77 south of Charleston was the roughest up and down section of Interstate I'd ever been on as of that time. I haven't a clue what I-79 and I-68 elsewhere in WV might be like, relative to that lousy section of I-77, but I'd be reluctant to trade I-40 from Nashville to Knoxville and I-81 up the Valley from there for it without some recent intel on the matter.

    Your question leaves open the possibility you're trying to avoid mountains, and the KY-WV route noted here fails that and fails it terribly. All of the distance between Charleston and Hagerstown, MD is in the mountains, with Charleston to Morgantown being in serious mountains.


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    Default I-64 in Kentucky

    As far as I-64 East of Lexington - I was on this stretch of highway back in August, and I didn't encounter any difficulties with traffic at all. I was westbound during rush hour on a Monday and eastbound a little bit after a few days later (Thursday.)

    I-68 in Maryland will take you through the Sideling Hill cut, which is quite the impressive feat of engineering.

    Are you in fact looking to eliminate traveling through Virginia?

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