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    As their graduation gift, I am taking my twin brothers on a road trip. I have three weeks and we are starting in Delaware and ending in Denver, where I live. They will fly home from Denver, so that we can maximize the time we can stay in one place. I want to do stuff that will be fun for them, so museums and stuff like that are definitely out (would you want to go to a museum if you were 18 and just graduated High School?) ;). I also don't mind spending time in certain places, like beaches and stuff like that. In other words, it doesn't have to be a bunch of one day experiences. We were raised in Delaware, so the D.C or Philly visits are out too...we've done them multiple times. Basically, a beaches, theme parks, and nightlife trip, that way there is a good mix of excitement and relaxation. But there could be more stuff out there besides that, and I just don't know about it.

    Any suggestions on States, Cities, or Events to visit, lengths of stay, etc. would be great. I know three weeks isn't a lot of time, so I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!

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    Three weeks to cover the (relatively!) short distance between Wilmington and Denver leaves plenty of time to wander of the direct route (basically I-70) and see some things that fit your description of 'a good mix of excitement and relaxation'. Here's just one possible set of dots for you to connect - there are plenty of other options. First head south down the Delmarva Peninsula with possible stops at Assateague and/or Chincoteague Islands, then cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to the Norfolk area with perhaps some time spent at Busch Gardens near Williamsburg. Continue south to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and after a visit to Kitty Hawk and some final beach time head east to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, then on to central Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park. The next major stop would be St. Louis with a ride to the top of the arch, one of the world's great (and free!) zoos, and some time on the Mississippi. While most people would think of your next leg as less interesting than most, the drive across the plains can include some great Old West venues like St. Joseph and Dodge City as well as the Air Force Academy and Pike's Peak.

    Besides those major stops, there are tons more in each state. Festivals will take some research on your part with an eye to exactly when you'll be where.


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    Thanks for those suggestions. I really like the idea of the Smoky Mountain and and Mammoth Cave. And St. Louis would be awesome, because we have family there so we could stop and say hi. I think We might shoot up to chicago while we're at it, but we'll definitely be making our final stop at Pike's peak and the AFA, because I go to school there.

  4. Default Central Ohio?

    If your route takes you through Columbus and Dayton:

    Near Columbus:The HOCKING HILLS STATE PARKS are a really neat area, especially during or after a good rain. There are cliffs, waterfalls, caves. You can spend several hours or more than a day and not see everything. It REALLY is a worthwhile destination. And with over 2.5 million visitors per year, about the same as Rocky Mountain National Park, you won't be alone!

    Near Dayton: Don't let the name fool you. The AIR FORCE MUSEUM is a fascinating place with the SR71 Blackhawk, the B1 Bomber, and over 300 other fascinating aircraft and even some ICBMs! You literally cannot see the whole place in a day. It is the largest aircraft museum in the world. I would imagine your brothers would Love this place, and it's free!

    Ohio also has a couple great amusement parks. Further north, there is CEDAR POINT with the most rollar coasters in the world.

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