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  1. Default PA to CA?? Possible?

    SO me and 2 friends were thinking about driving from Philadelphia, PA to Palm Springs, CA. The plan is to just drive continuously the whole time (with making adequate stops for bathroom and gas). Do you think this would be possible to do in less than 2 days? Also the car we would be using is a Toyota Corolla, 40 mpg highway, with 120k miles.

    Can i get some input?!

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    Default Absolutely not.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am sorry but that simply is not possible. We would normally recommend a minimum of 5 day's for the trip, with 3 of you and some rotation of drivers you would be pushing it to get done in 4 day's, but it is possible. If you have not got 4 day's plus for the journey please fly. It will be safer for you and those that will be sharing the road with you. Anything else would be reckless, fool hardy and unsafe, sorry if it sounds harsh but that's the reality.

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    Thank you for the input!!! :)

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