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    Hello everyone... I'm trying to find people in my area that enjoy short road trips. Any suggestions? I've already done the google thing. Of course i probably didn't type the right phrase... LOL

    Well best of luck to everyone in their future road trips. Keep the dirty side down.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not really sure what to tell you. Roadtrips tend to be a fairly individual thing, so they really don't lend themselves well to teaming up.

    This forum really is about the closest thing I've ever seen to a roadtrip group, and even that is a pretty small group that's very loosely tied together.

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    Default Car clubs ?

    If, when you say "short road trips", you are referring to a day out on the open road with like minded people, you could take a look at Local car clubs/events. Although many are biased towards "Cruise's" etc you can sometimes find enthusiasts who "buddy up" and go to events in small convoy's, maybe even a "weekender".
    Although most clubs are either biased to one manufacturer, modded, or classic, [or for boy racer's :-( ] some welcome all comer's, are 'grown up', and also have organised charity events etc. [At least that is my experience the 'other side of the pond'.]

    Might be worth a 'Google' for your area at least.

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    Default Bring your finery!

    Somehow this post brought to mind Henry Ford getting together with Thomas Edison and his other friends and hitting the road with their picnic gear, etc.

    You could try posting to our Share the Gas section of the forum.

    The organized charity ride would probably be the closest to what you are looking for, especially if you happen to prefer two wheels to four.

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    Thanks everyone for your responses... I never thought of charity rides... I'll start looking for some around me here. I work so it's kinda hard to take a 2 week roadtrip. Been keeping mine to one day trips. Just pick a road and see where it takes me. And for me four wheels is best.

    Well, again, thanks for the advice.

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