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  1. Default NYC to Chicago with stopover in Niagra Falls..


    First, thank you for your support to travelling..

    I'm plan to go from NYC to Chicago and bypass Niagra Falls..

    I've 5 days driving to Chicago. What is the preferred route?

    Also, what are the preferred cities to stop and sleep at it?

    Note that I will travel in 18th of October..

    Thank you in advance,,

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    New York to Niagara Falls can be comfortably driven in a day, as can Niagara Falls to Chicago. So with 5 days for the trip, you've got plenty of options, certainly more than we can cover here. It is also not clear whether you even want to go through Niagara Falls, since you say both "with stopover in Niagara Falls" and "bypass Niagara Falls". One of your options, going from Niagara to Sarnia through Canada, requires a current passport. Do you have one? Most importantly, what are your interests and what are you hoping to experience on your drive?


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    sorry for the confusing. I meant stopover in Niagra Falls for one day.

    We are 3 .. my wife and I, plus my baby (infant)

    Unfortunately, we don't have a visa to visit Canada, so we will stay in american side.

    My initial plan is:

    Day 1 - NYC to Woodbury common outlets
    Day 2 - Stop in the road between Woodbury and Niagra Falls (any suggestion)
    Day 3 - Niagra Falls
    Day 4&5 - Cleavland and Cedar Point Amusement Park
    Day 6- Chicago

    Do you recommend any changes in this plan?

    and thank you :)

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    I think you'e got a nice plan that will have you traveling at a very nice and relaxed place.

    The only thing I'd question is the decision to go to Cedar Point when you're traveling with an infant. Basically, you'll have to spend all day trading off where one of you goes on the ride, and the other stays with the baby.

    Here are some more ideas for your trip to Niagara.

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    Thank you for the advice
    I will consider that :)

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