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  1. Default 21 Days cross country

    I plan this,64.6875&z=4

    in 21 days.

    I just found this forum....
    I thought I would like to get as much info as I could before I do it :)
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    Default How can we help ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    What type of info are you looking for ? Your trip is doable in the time you have but what are your main interests and goals for the trip ?

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    There is a whole lot more to a roadtrip than just a route - so while we have an idea of where you are thinking of going - that's really all we know. We don't know anything about why you are going to those places, what you are thinking for in terms of between those places, and all the things Dave mentioned. I'll also say that if this is a round trip, it is possible, but you may be a bit rushed. You'll basically need a week each way just to cover the miles and at a pretty quick pace - so on a round trip that only leaves you with a weeks worth of days to see everything you want.

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    What are you traveling in? Consider taking highway 2 that follows the US/Canadian border; instead of taking 25 in Colorado stay on 70 to Utah, great road. My goal when I travel (I am on a motorcycle so I do it for fun and not to get to a destination) is never travel twice on the same road. Just a thought.

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