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    Hi, I am planning to move From Las Vegas to Miami and I would like to have some suggestions on what would be the fastest way to get there without killing yourself... what is a reasonable time frame to expect, what cities/motels should I stop to spend the night?
    Thanks for any help...

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Google and Mapquest both suggest taking I-40 to Amarillo, US-287 to Dallas, I-20 to Jackson, US-49 and US-98 to Mobile, and then I-10/I-75/FL Turnpike to Miami.

    The only question I'd have with that route is I'm not sure of the quality of the US highways through Mississippi, and I might instead take I-49 south from Shreveport to Baton Rouge and take I-10 from there.

    In either case, you're looking at a trip that 2500-2600 miles. 5 days would be recommended, but if you've got a couple of drivers, you might be able to safely shave that down to 4. However, in no case should you consider doing this in less than 4 very long days.

    On a 4 day trip, your stops would really need to be Moriarty NM, the Eastern Edge of the Dallas Metro, and Crestview/Pensacola FL. All of those days are going to require at least 12+ hours per day on the road, and would pretty much be the max that could be recommended for a safe trip.

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    Thanks for your suggestions, I forgot to say that I would really like to stop by phoenix to say bye to a good friend, other than that I have no other thing that I would like to do... also I was thinking more of a 8 to 10 hours driving at the most, 12 is too much since I will be going by myself... any other route and stops that you can suggest?
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    Default Very Straightforward Then

    With those additional pieces of information, your route becomes very simple: It's just US-93 across Hoover Dam and down to US-60 into Phoenix, then I-10 all the way to north central Florida and I-75/Florida Turnpike/I-95 to Miami. You'll need about 6 days with your daily time and mileage limits, but those will be comfortable days. There really isn't any need to predetermine where to stop. There are plenty of motel options all along I-10 and you will probably be stopping well before dark each evening and so can even do a little comparison shopping on the fly.


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    Thank you, I think that is what I'll do....
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    Motel options on I-10 in west Texas are pretty limited. If you spend a night in Phoenix, allow 5 days from there to Miami, with overnights in El Paso, San Antonio, Baton Rouge, and Tallahassee.

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