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    Hi all

    In the planning stage for summer 2011. We have a cruise planned out of Vancouver BC to Alaska, but first a drive across country. Wife and daughter do not like to fly so its another road trip.

    Done 4 east coast round trips Ct to FL with various routes back home in the past.

    Hope to include a stop at Wall Drug, Mt Rushmore, Jackson Hole / Yellowstone before arriving in Vancouver.

    With a 2 night stop to see Yellowstone, It looks like 9 days out.
    a week for the cruise and another 5 days back to CT

    Being the only driver is this pushing too many miles in a day.
    I figure between 8 to 10 hrs a day on the road, but that includes about 90 minutes a day for rest breaks/ food and pit stops.

    Using Microsoft Streets and Trips for the planning with AAA site as a second reference.

    Looks like I95, I287 to I80, pick up I90 around Indiana on way out, After Jackson Hole, i86,i84 i82 back to i90 Then i405 to i5 up to BC border.

    Looks like I90 , i94 back to I80 and reverse back to Ct (Westport).

    Concerned about how long the drive is across PA and the drive between Mt Rushmore and Jackson Hole Looks like non interstate between Mt Rushmore and Jackson Hole.

    Thoughts? comments

    Thanks for your input on timings and other items to see, I have between 3 and 4 weeks vacation I can use. Would like to use only 3 weeks, but it looks like it will be 17 to 18 workdays out of the office.

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    Your plan looks fine except for the part where you expect to do over 600 miles a day for 5 days straight, three of them shortened by time zone changes to just 23 hours. That is just too much to expect to do safely or enjoyably. I suppose it's possible, but I can pretty much guarantee you that the three of you will barely be on speaking terms even if you avoid mentally or physically collapsing somewhere along the way. You need at least a sixth day to make the drive home - with no major stops. Keep in mind that the time estimates that you get from silicon chip based mapping routines assume that you can and will drive at or above the speed limit for every second of every hour you're on the road, They do not include any allowances for traffic, fuel stops, meals or even bathroom breaks. They are not real and should not be relied upon, even for planning purposes. Think about it. If you plan to drive 600 miles in 8 hours, you plan to do 75 mph for all 8 of those hours - no stops whatsoever. Include 90 minutes worth of stops and you're assuming you can do 95 mph every second you're actually on the road. Not terribly realistic.

    Your other concerns about I-80 across Pennsylvania and the drives in western Wyoming on US-14 to Yellowstone and down US-89 through Jackson Hole (the valley) to Jackson (the town) pale to insignificance by comparison. These are all well maintained highways with ample traveler services.


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    Yes I agree. I have been very suspect of the 5days back portion. With some stops and sightseeing 5 may need to turn into 7days.

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