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    I am new here so apologise if someone has already asked this question. If they have please direct me to the thread. Thanks

    We are flying to Phoenix on January 3rd where we will pick up a hire car. We have to be at Las Vegas Airport at 6.30pm on Friday 7th so need to make the best use of our time. We have a provisional plan
    Monday Phoenix to Williams
    Tuesday Grand Canyon
    Wednesday Williams to Las Vegas via Hoover Dam
    Thursday Zion Canyon
    Friday return to LV

    The Wednesday in Las vegas is because the hotels seem to be 50$ a night more on Thursdays.

    However an alternative might be
    Monday Phoenix to Williams
    Tuesday Grand Canyon
    Wednesday Williams to Bryce Canyon via US89
    Thursday Bryce & Zion Canyon return to LV
    Friday around LV & Hoover Dam

    What would be reasonable given that it is the first week of January and the possibility of snow!

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    Default Wait and see.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think both of your options are viable, but it would be better to leave your options open and see what the weather has in store for you as you set out. Personally, [if weather play's no part] I would go for your alternative option, but possibly without the Hoover dam drive. Of course you can see how you feel, but Vegas will have more than enough [by a long way] to keep you entertained all day. So all thing equal, I would choose Bryce over Hoover dam, but, and it's a big BUT, Bryce is at high elevation and can see very low temps with snow and ice on the ground.

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