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    Default 3 weeks starting and ending in Chicago

    We are thinking of flying into Chicago and want to visit Roswell New Mexico, Texas, Memphis and Nashville and ending up back in Chicago. Any ideas where to stay or are we being too ambitious.

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    You can take historic Route 66 to Santa Rosa, New Mexico and then work your way south to Roswell, New Mexico. An internet search for "Route 66" will provide you with many links with guides on places to stay, things to see, and places to eat.

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    Default Routing

    Quote Originally Posted by Rook
    You can take historic Route 66 to Santa Rosa, New Mexico
    That would actually be a lot harder than it sounds. US-66 was decommissioned about 25 years ago after it was completely replaced by segments of the Interstate System: I-55/I-44/I-40. Yes, the asphalt that used to be Route 66 is still out there in many places, and is occasionally signed as Historic US-66 locally, but such segments do not constitute a road that you can follow cross country.

    Three weeks is plenty of time to complete your roughly 3,000 mile journey and see quite a bit along the way. Some places I would recommend you look at en route would include St. Louis, the Ozarks, the Oklahoma City Memorial, Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Talimena Scenic Drive, Tupelo, the Natchez Trace Parkway, Shiloh, and Mammoth Cave.


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    Thanks, that gives us something to look into.

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    Default Heading back.

    I would certainly look at an alternative for your return to Chicago. Heading North from Roswell could take through New Mexico [Santa Fe, Taos etc] to some of the fantastic scenery and National parks of Colorado and possibly some of Utah, such as Moab for Arches and Canyonlands.

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    Default roswell nm to las vegas

    Hi we are planning a road trip from Chicago to Las Vegas. I have sorted out our route from Chicago to Roswell and was hoping for suggestions for the later part of our trip from Roswell to Las Vegas. We will be travelling in September

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    Default Time and interests.

    How long have you allowed for the trip between these places ? It's a day and a half driving direct along I 40 and the obvious detour would be to the Grand canyon South rim. If you have a little time to explore you could head to the North of I 40, perhaps Santa Fe, Four corners, Monument valley to Grand canyon, or South via White sands, Tuscon, Phoenix, Sedona to Grand canyon.

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