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    So my sister and I are going on a trek from Wilmington, DE to Denver, CO. We only have 10 days, but we were planning on seeing as many sites as possible. We were thinking of taking a northern route and visiting Yellow Stone and other similar areas, but honestly, we're kind of clueless as to what other sites we could see in our allotted amount of time. Money is kind of tight so we aren't looking to be staying in a hotel every night. We are planning on any campground in the area, so if anyone could give us suggestions on camping sites, that would be awesome! If anyone has anything that could help us, please! Tell us! We're leaving in 2 weeks!

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    Default Ending in Denver ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Is your trip finishing in Denver or are you returning to Wilmington ?

    To finish in Denver you have 5 to 6 full day's of driving and if you spend a couple of day's in Yellowstone you won't have much time to go off the beaten path. If you headed towards Chicago and I 90 near to Rapid City is Badlands NP, Custer State park, Mt Rushmore and the Black hills. From Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and RMNP are options on the way to Denver, plus much more that depend on your interests.

    If you have to get back to Wilmington in the 10 day's then all you will do is drive 10 hours a day, look around where you stay at night, and have a day in Yellowstone before heading back.

    To help with your planning, when travelling on main routes and only taking short breaks for food and Gas etc, don't expect to cover more than 5-600 miles a day, which is approx 9-10 hours on the road. Have a look around the RTA forums and planning pages in the tool bars above with a good map to hand and see what it is that appeals to you. When you have some dots on the map we can most likely help to join them up.

    Camping is fine but you really need to figure out where you are staying and then search for options as there are thousands upon thousands of them, State parks being some of the best value. Yellowstone gets very busy and you might find most places are booked up but I think they have "walk in" non reservable campgrounds that you would have to get to real early in the morning to secure a spot.

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    So we are traveling FROM Wilmington To Denver. It's a one way trip and my sis will be staying in CO while i catch a flight back to DE. And after looking over our plan again, it turns out that we probably won't be staying in Yellowstone and, in fact, our main focus will be going to the Badlands and the Black Hills. I don't know if skipping Yellowstone would give us more time to sight see and travel of the beaten path. As I said before, we aren't very travel savvy, so any and all advice you can give us is deeply appreciated

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    I think you can still do Yellowstone. You can make it to the Badlands in 3 long days, with overnights around Toledo and either Des Moines or Rochester MN, depending which way you go. It's a 1 day trip from the Black Hills area to Yellowstone, then a day and a half from there to Denver. That gives you 4.5 days to explore.

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