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    Hi. Wife and I are driving from Southern Cal to Toms River NJ-we are 60 and driving a 2003 Rendevous and three routes recommended-One) most recommended by AAA-- I 40 all the way through Nashville and up through Virginia
    TWO) take I 40 to I 70 up thorugh Indianiapolis to Pennsylvania to NJ
    THREE) take 15North to I80 through Chicago etc.

    Could someone please provide us some advice on which one may be the easiest?????

    I think I 80 has a lot of mountains to go through-
    I40 through most southern route-TOO HOT, Tornados?????

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are at least 4 possible routes from L.A. to Toms River. All of them are roughly 2825 (±50) miles and 5½ days (±1 hr). But none of the routes you've listed are the shortest or the least mountainous. So have a look at this: I-15 north to I-40. At Oklahoma City switch over to I-44 through Tulsa to St.Louis and I-70. Stay with the Pennsylvania Turnpike when I-70 leaves it at Breezewood and the Turnpike becomes I-76 and again when I-76 leaves it at Valley Forge and the Turnpike becomes I-276. Take the New Jersey Turnpike north to I-195 to US-9 south to Toms River.


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    Dear AZBuck-Thnak you very much for your input. Now need to determine which route might be the easiest on our 7 year old Buick.
    Glad I found this site.DCR

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    Default Your "old" car

    Hello DCR,

    I just completed a 5,779 mile out and back RoadTrip from NC to Montana in my 2002 Ford pickup. When I left, she was showing 185,000 miles on the clock.

    Most know to "check" belts and hoses, but my feeling is if it's been more than, say, 4 years since replacement, just change the dang things. If you bought the Buick new and have never changed them, replacement is a must in my opinion. Do a full cooling system flush, oil and filter, and air and fuel filter change, too.

    Many fail to understand how stressful long-distance high-speed Interstate driving is on an automatic transmission, particularly through mountains. Heat buildup during periods of extended driving is severe, and heat is the principal enemy of a modern automatic transmission. I'd look in to a "full system flush and change" for your Buick's automatic transmission fluid and internal filter. Normal auto transmission fluid changes only change out something like 60% of the fluid since much remains in the torque converter and valve bodies and won't drain out, but most vehicles, my truck included, can have all of the old fluid pumped out and all-new synthetic ATF installed as a more durable and heat-resistant replacement. I believe the "quick-lube" franchises offer such service and I heartily recommend it.

    Enjoy planning and taking your RoadTrip! This is a really, really big country!


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