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  1. Default Pacific Northwest in 7 days...HELP!

    My boyfriend and I have never been out to the Pacific Northwest (we live in Atlanta) and want to plan a trip some time between August 3rd and August 15th. Ideally, we'd like the trip to be about 7 days, but we are flexible if the trip needs more/less time. Basically, we'd like to drive along the coast, visiting the highlights anywhere between San Francisco and Seattle. Is that drive feasible in 7 days, or should we stick to the path between San Fran and Portland, or Portland and Seattle? Also, there was talk of going North, up to Vancouver. Any suggestions or advice is greatly welcomed! We need to plan the trip quickly, so please help! I can't wait to visit this area of the country.... I hear it's absolutely beautiful this time of year. Thank you in advance!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I would certainly say that the trip doesn't need less time, the more the better as there are so many options. Only you can decide what works best for you so I would take a look around with a good map to hand and start deciding on what it is that appeals to you the most. To get you started here is a link that has lot's of great info on the Northwest, plus if you scroll down the page you will find "similar threads" and you also have the search function.

    Once you have done a little digging and got an idea of how you would like to spend your time [and how much] then we can help you to "fine tune" it into a manageable and unforgettable trip.


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