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    My boyfriend and I are doing a road trip June 28th to July 14th. We fly into San Fran late on the 28th. Ideally, we would like to drive up the coast of cali, oregon, and washington up to vancouver then back down inland back to san fran. During this time we are trying to see as much as possible, but also find a place to live. Any suggestions or thoughts on where to start. any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One of our Moderators hails from that area and has written extensively and in great detail about it. I would think that you would find many hints about both venues and life styles in that area by reading through her posts.


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    Default Planning a move to PNW?

    Very cool. You'll love it here, I'm sure. :)

    After reviewing those posts, you should have better ideas for how to plan your trip. Come on back here with your draft itinerary and let us help you tweak it.

    Also, if you'll let us know what kinds of things interest you, it's easier to make specific recommendations.

    I'm not an expert on every community but I think I could give you some general overview and impressions of specific areas or towns, so feel free to ask questions about where to move, too. What kind of community are you seeking? What kind of work do you do (as that might indicate which areas would best meet your needs)? What else can you tell us about yourselves so we can help you narrow this down?

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