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    I am planning a road trip for 15 ppl to travel by van from san diego, ca to san jose, ca on the weekend of july 31. Its about a 7 to 8hr drive and i am looking for great opportunities to view attractions...great hotel prices in san jose and awesome places to eat along the way!!!
    Please help!!!!

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    If you are only giving yourself 7-8 hours for this trip, then you are going to be very disappointed. Just taking I-5, this is a 500 mile trip so you're looking at closer to 9 hours and that's if you find a way to magically avoid all traffic in LA. Realistically, 10 hours is far more likely, and even that isn't leaving any extra time to really do much anything.

    I-5 is the fast way to go, but its a straightforward trip through the farmland of the Central Valley. If you're hoping for great scenic views, then you'd be much better off going along the coast. However, even if you just stick to US-101, missing out on the great views of CA-1 you're looking at a very long day of 12-14 hours.

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