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    Any advice on the best route to take from the grand canyon north rim to niagra falls in an c25 rv?

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    The recommendation is to stick with the interstates, especially if this is the first time you've driven such a vehicle this kind of distance. That said, how much time do you have to make the trip? Depending on that factor, there can be many different options for you to take, giving you different scenery, etc. opportunities.

    Fortunately, the C class RV isn't overly large, so shouldn't pose a problem with using most secondary roads. I have heard, however, that the larger RVs are actually easier to drive, but I don't have any experience with any of them.

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    Hi there,

    As Tim mentioned, what is your goal ? As there simply isn't a "best route, just Lot's of options. Getting from A to B as quickly as possible and mainly on Interstate, I70/I 80 looks to be the one. However with just Interstate you could stay on I 70 for longer or drop down to I40/44 as another couple of options. If you have time to sight see then you can choose from many more options, and the RV will be fine on Highways and Byways. There are many National parks and scenic drives through Utah, Colorado etc, which are all accessable in an RV

    Work out how long you have and take a good look around the forums and planning pages with a good map to hand. When you have worked out how you want to go about it and have other questions, let us know.

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    Thanks for the information. I love Utah and have been planning for the trip but was unsure whether national parks were accessable in an RV.

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    Default RV sites as well !

    Not only are they accessable, they also offer some great campgrounds in the heart of nature with RV specific sites. They do however get booked up quickly in peak season and if you are going this Summer it might already be too late. You can get all the info on the National parks Web site. []

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