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  1. Default Best route from L.A. to Pittsburgh?

    The 15 to the 70 all the way or the 15 to the 40 to the 44 to the 70? Which way is better & why?

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    The difference in mileage between the two routes comes to about 30 miles out of around 2500, so in the order of one percent. Hardly worth mentioning. That leaves the choice as a matter of which route appeals to you. The I-40 route to St. Louis is a bit flatter and travels through mostly desert and high plains while the I-70 route crosses the Rockies and Great Plains and is a bit more scenically interesting. But really there is no great reason, other than your personal choice, to take on or the other.


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    There is no one "better" route, a lot will depend on what your personal interests are. According to my mapping program there is little more than an hour between your options, which the I 40 option happens to be slightly quicker. Five days would be fairly comfortable, although long days behind the wheel. if you want to explore then it would be best to take a look at a good map for things that appeal to you, but then if you want to explore and have the time to do so, who Say's you have to stick to either route, there are many other options.

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