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  1. Default Traveling from Charlotte to NYC which highway system should I use

    According to online map sites it recommends either 95 or 84. I can not deiced which one would be faster and a better drive b/c of the cities on 95 and what looks like the terrain 84 goes through. I plan on leaving either wed or Thurs after the 4th of July. I have talked to buddies and no to avoid the dc area at morning and evening rush hours no matter what. Any other suggestions?

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    Default 81

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I haven't made this entire drive myself, but anyone who has experience traveling on the east coast will tell you that I-95 should be avoided if possible. Because of the extremely heavy volume of traffic, and number of major cities on the route, not to mention tolls, its a route that sees a whole lot of delays.

    If you have another option, and in this case you do (I-81, not I-84), I'd recommend taking it. I-81 can also see a lot of traffic, especially from truckers and others looking to avoid I-95, but you'll likely have fewer problems on this route.

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    Default No DC for me

    Hi Kev,

    I'd take a beating with a ball-peen hammer over driving up I-95 from south of DC all the way to NYC. Not only does one want to avoid DC during rush hour, there's the joys of the DC-Baltimore segment, Philly, the Delaware Bridge, and the NJ Turnpike.

    From Charlotte, I'd run up I-77 to I-81, thence up I-81 to Harrisburg, PA. just northeast of Harrisburg, I-78 takes you through Allentown, PA to the southern and western parts of the greater NYC/Northern NJ area, so I imagine that's the most direct route to NYC proper. If, however, your destination is northernmost NJ or NY a bit upstate of NYC, or Connecticut, I'd stay on I-81 to Scranton, thence I-84 east to the Newburgh, NY area.

    I-81 from Wytheville, VA to Harrisburg, PA does get some heavy truck traffic and since it's somewhat roly-poly (but not mountainous), sometimes trucks side-by-side up a long grade will slow everybody down. The scenery from Statesville, NC (on I-77) all the way to I-81 and up I-81 to Harrisburg is superb, however, and I'll take the trucks any day over the bumper-to-bumper 80mph-30mph-80mph-stop, repeat routine so common on I-95.


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    Thanks, Yea I meant 81 not 84. Based on the responses it looks like I will be taking I-81 to I-78 for my move to Brooklyn

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    If you are going to Brooklyn, get off I-78 onto I-287 toward Perth Amboy, then use the Outerbridge Crossing and Verrazano Bridge. Don't even try to go through Manhattan.

    Please note that this is a 650 mile drive, and will be stretching the safe limits for a one day drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev1204 View Post
    Thanks, Yea I meant 81 not 84. Based on the responses it looks like I will be taking I-81 to I-78 for my move to Brooklyn
    Hi Kev
    I wanted to ask how was your trip from Charlotte, NC to NYC area. Which Interstate did you end up driving on I-95 or I-81? Any tips that you can share.

    Thank in advance for your help.


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