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    Hi Everybody.

    I'm from New Zealand, which would be roughly the size of some of your back yards. I'm going on a month long trip to the US. A few days in Los Angeles, then off to see family in N.O. I have a crazy idea that since I have the time, I would much rather rent a car and drive it than fly. My basic information from google maps lead me to the following plan.
    Day 1 leave LA drive to Scottsdale, Az
    Day 2 Drive to Las Cruses NM
    Day 3 San Antonio Tx
    Day 4 Houston Tx.
    Day 5 Get to N.O.

    I've been generous and not scheduled no more than 9 hours drive a day. I'd love some opinions.


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    Default It's a Shame

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, to be honest, my first reaction to your proposed itinerary was: He's got a month, why is he only taking five days for this drive and skipping some of the best sights in the world? People come to the southwestern US from everywhere on the globe to see the Grand Canyon, Anasazi Ruins, Desert, Monument Valley, and Rocky Mountains and your just going to blast through on the Interstates and see none of it. So my opinion and recommendation is that you add at least a few days to your drive to New Orleans, stay a bit farther north than you are currently planning, and see - and explore and experience - see some of the fantastic places between your two terminal cities.


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    Hi there,

    Thanks for that, I agree with you, which is why I've extended the driving part to 9 days. What would be worth visiting? after having another look I've concidered Vegas, Grand canyon, Albuquerque. Roswell. Houston. N.O. as a general direction. and please feel free to suggest otherwise if you wish, Im, basing this purely on a whim.


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    Default A Nine Day Drive

    Here's one possible route/itinerary that will let you see much of the best that the southwest and Rockies have to offer and still get to New Orleans in 9 days. Take I-15 up to Las Vegas for a visit and then US-93 south over the Hoover Dam to I-40 east to Williams and AZ-64 north to and through Grand Canyon National Park. Upon exiting to the east take US-89 north to US-160 northeast to Kayenta. US-163 will then take you up through Monument Valley, but to get the best of this area you should take a guided tour by jeep through the back country, and then US-191 back down to US-160 again across southern Colorado with a visit to Mesa Verde National Park. Continues east across Wolf Creek Pass to Walsenburg and then turn south on I-25 to Raton and US-64 east. Drive to the top of Capulin Mountain and then at Dalhart, TX pick up US-87 to Amarillo and Cadillac Ranch. From there US-287 southeast across the Texas Plains to Dallas (and perhaps a stop at Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum) and then just take I-20/I/49/I-10 into New Orleans. At about 2300 miles, this trek will need the equivalent of 5 driving days, leaving 4 days to sprinkle among the places I've mentioned and anything else that suits your whim along the way


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    Mate, you're a Legend!

    I'm going to check up some of the places you mentioned, but it sounds like a good mix of driving and seeing stuff.

    thanks again.

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    If you want to dip south of I-10, you might want to consider Big Bend National Park in Texas, about 150 ish miles east of El Paso. The hikes are fantastic, and you can do some short ones. You can also raft down the Rio Grande there. However, this side trip is only good if you have a couple of days extra. I have a lot of family and friends in Europe, and they love west Texas.

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