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    Default How much time ny and washington?

    Hi again...

    The wife and I are arriving in New York from Chicago at 8.22 at night. We then have 6 full days and then fly out from Washington on the 7th day at 5pm. We are getting from NY to Washington by Amtrak.

    Just wondering how many days should we spend in each city?

    I am leaning towards this itenary.

    Day 1 Arrive New York 8.20pm
    Day 2 New York
    Day 3 New York
    Day 4 New York
    Day 5 Travel to Washington DC arrive approx 1pm.
    Day 6 Washington DC
    Day 7 Washington DC and fly out 5pm

    Does this look ok or should we do more days in Washington DC at the expense of doing less in New York?

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    This isn't really a road trip since you are going to plane and by train. But to answer your question it all depends on what you want to do in each city. There is a ton to do in each and you could spend a week in either city easily. What type of things are you planning for each city?

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    Hi CC_OZ! You're in luck -- I live in D.C. and can tell you lots! I agree with Jim that it depends on what you want to do/what your interests are.

    I can tell you that if you are into museums and culture, D.C. is more affordable. We have the Smithsonian, which is actually made up of 19 different world-class museums (Air & Space, Natural History, American History, etc. - It's totally, completely free.

    There's lots of history in D.C., VA, and MD. Our Metro is pretty good - I use it to commute into the city every day to work. There's tons of restaurants. But yeah - what exactly are you interested in?

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