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    Default Poconos to Pittsburgh

    Hey all,

    Work has given me terrible cabin fever and it's time for a drive. My girlfriend and I are thinking of heading to Pittsburgh after work Friday (about 4pm). We would take one of three routes: 80 to 99 then on 22, 33 to 76, or 80 to 99 to 76.

    We are going to spend all day Saturday in the Steel City and head back home Sunday morning. I don't know much about Pittsburgh besides the Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers. What do you guys suggest for a full day in Pittsburgh?

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    Sorry for the placement of this post. I just realized you guys moved around the topics. You moved "Summer" up and 'Spring' down 2 spots. Oops!
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    Default A Long Short List

    A day won't be nearly enough to see them all, but some of the best of Pittsburgh (depending on your own tastes and interests, of course, would include: one of the funicular railroads (inclines) going up Mount Washington, the Carnegie Museums, The National Aviary, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and the Carnegie Science Center.


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    I've never done any of these things when I've been in Pittsburgh, but three things that would interest me are 1. go see a Pirates game (the new ballpark is supposed to be great if the team isn't), 2. get a Primanti Brothers sandwich and 3. go to the Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh is Andy Warhol's hometown). The funiculars are pretty neat.

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    I will say the Pirates ballpark is a gem, and if you are a fan of baseball at all it is certainly a place worth visiting. Since the team has been horrible for going on 20 straight years, tickets are fairly cheap and you should be able to get very nice below face seats from scalpers if you want to go that route.

    I will also say that I was very unimpressed with Primanti Bros. I stopped to get one during a trip there last year and while it wasn't a bad meal, its nothing I'd write home about. They do sell those sandwiches at the ballpark, and the price isn't much higher than in the restaurant, so you could kill 2 birds with one stone if you go that route!

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