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  1. Default Driving from Orlando to Jupiter, FL- Which Route

    I'm going to be travelling from Davenport, Orlando to Jupiter, FL and I was wondering which would be the best route to take.
    I've used Mapquest and Google Maps and both suggest the 192 and 1-95.
    We are driving with my 2-year old son and I wanted to make sure there were plenty of places to stop and have a rest.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative?


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    From Davenport, my mapping software suggests 27 to 60 to the Turnpike. From Orlando, it suggests the Turnpike all the way. Either way, it's only about a 2.5 hour drive, so I wouldn't think you would need too many rest stops.

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    I would stick with the turnpike as well.... Keeps it safer for everyone and the rest stops are nice and big - room to run for the little one..... Also they will have the cleanest bathrooms which is a big one with kids, I know. I would avoid 95 mainly because you will be more likely to run into more traffic. It is not a very long drive, quite a peaceful quiet drive if you take the turnpike - so make sure to bring some music/books/toys for the kid!

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    Default Free vs Direct

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    This drive should only take a bit less than 3 hours, and you really have two choices. The way the mapping routines are sending you is fine, and there will be plenty of exits with fast food franchises, convenience stores and gas stations should you need a place to stop. The other alternative is to just take the Florida Turnpike which would shave about 20 miles/minutes off the drive, has service areas every 40 miles or so, leaves the built up area of the coast sooner - near Fort Pierce, and has less traffic due to it being a toll road. You can expect to pay around $11.


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