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    I wanted to get opinions on which route might be best to take from Eastern Kansas to Cincinnati:

    Option #1: Take route 50 all the way through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio

    Option #2: Take route 50 through Missouri to St. Louis, then take I-55 down to Cairo, IL. From Cairo, IL, take Ohio River Scenic Byway through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio to Cincinnati

    Option #3: Take Route 50 through Missouri and Illinois. Before Indiana Border, take Route 130 down to Mount Vernon, Indiana, where it meets with the Ohio River Scenic Byway. Take the Byway through to Cincinnati.

    Option #4: Take Route 54 from eastern Kansas through Southern Missouri, then take Route 13 down to Springfield, Missouri. From there, take Route 60 through to Cairo, IL. From Cairo, IL, take Ohio River Scenic Byway to Cincinnati.

    I'm just looking for a good variety (river, farmland, etc.) Thoughts?

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    Default A Matter of Personal Choice

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    Obviously, the 'best' route is the one that works best for you. But if I were looking to make this drive, and had two full days to do it in, then I'd pretty much opt for choice 4, for the sole reason that it best meets your criterion of offering the greatest variety. Not only will it take you through farmland and along rivers, but it is the only route that will give you some hill country, the Ozarks. Of course, if this is a round trip or you have more than a couple of days for the one-way drive, you could either take different routes out and back or add a few 'detours' to include some of the many sites that won't fall exactly on your chosen route.


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