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    Default Shoofly pie

    In a couple weeks, I will be driving north on Ohio 83 (through Berlin and Wooster) and want to know where I can find Shoofly pie in a diner or resturant? Preferably in the afternoon.

    Thanks in advance

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    This is funny - I searched Google for Ohio Shoofly Pie and this thread is already on the first page.

    I have never looked for it in Ohio, but it's everywhere in the Pennsylvania Dutch area of Pennsylvania. Here's something I just found:

    Breads, Cakes, Cookies and Shoofly Pies
    Der Bake Oven
    Ruth Schlabach
    P.O. Box 339
    Berlin, OH 44610
    (330) 893-3365
    Der Bake Oven in Berlin, Ohio is a wonderful place to stop & satisfy your sweet tooth!

    I suppose you can call, and if they don't make shoofly pies I'm sure they can tell you who in town does.

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    Default Thank you

    Your information gave me something to go on. I called Der Bake Oven. They told me that no one in town has shoofly pie on a regular basis. The reason they know is because they do the baking for all the places.

    However, if I call in advance they will have one waiting our arrival. Have to get the whole pie (which is not a problem) and it costs on 9.95....this is what i will do.

    Thanks again for giving me the information to start my culinary treat search!



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