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    Hi, we're driving to Orlando starting next Saturday (yes, we must be nuts). Most of the mapping websites direct us to I-95, but I fear there will be many lemmings doing the same thing. Any suggestions for alternate routes that wouldn't add too much to our trip time? I have heard that I-95 through SC is particularly bad, so any suggestions for diversions from I-95 would be appreciated. We are prepared to take our time and break it into 2 days, with a larger chunk of the drive on day 1. Even re-routing little pieces of the I-95 stretch could help.
    Thanks for ANY help or suggestions!

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    By adding 110 miles and about 2 hours, you can take I-66/I-81/I-77/I-26 to I-95. It's doable in 2 full days.

  3. Default Wash DC to Orlando, spring break

    I would recommend to stick on I-95, With my past 3 times driving exp from NY to Orlando. Infact SC is a smooth drive with less traffic.

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    Hello mischa,

    My own view, based on fairly recent travels, is the section from DC to Richmond, then parts of Richmond to Emporia, then much of the lower half of NC (say, Benson at I-40 on south) are the crummy sections of I-95. That's based on the always joyful DC area traffic then the antiquated design of I-95 on the other stretches.

    I do like glc's notion of the right hook down the Valley to I-77. That's a nice drive, but truck traffic on I-81, with its long rolling hills bunching them up in both lanes, has become an issue for auto drivers on 81. Plus, you buy yourself some urban traffic in Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC in that deal. Perhaps neither city is an issue on a Sat or Sunday, however. I don't suppose escaping DC on I-66 is greatly better than the I-95 escape, anyway.

    I think, all in all, a departure at 00:dark:30 on Saturday is your best bet regardless of route. Both routes are good, and your experience will be improved on either by an early departure. That puts you in position for an early lunch stop and an early evening stop, too, prior to the rest of the lemmings in each case.

    Travel safe,


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