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    I'm planning a post university graduation 10 day road trip with my brother to the New England in early May to take in as many minor league sports games as possible. The only definite destination in Manchester, NH to watch a baseball game. Any suggestions on other great sports towns in NE to catch a game in May?

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    In may, I'm not sure of any other minor league sports still going on other than Baseball. I guess the AFL season is probably going on, but hockey and basketball will be pretty much done at the minor league level.

    For baseball, you'll have plenty of options. the MILB website has a nice map feature which can help you find lots of other potential stopping points. In the north east, that means you'll mostly be looking at AA Eastern League or AAA International League games.

    That should give you plenty of possibilities, but if you could wait a few weeks, you'd have a few more options. The short season A ball (NY-Penn League) and the Cape Cod League (College players using Wood Bats) would also give you options, but their seasons don't get going until June.

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    HEre you go...

    Portland Sea Dogs
    Pawtucket Red Sox
    Boston Red Sox
    New Britain Rock Cats
    (and if you count this as New England)
    Syracuse Sky Chiefs
    Buffalo Bison
    Rochester Red Wings
    Binghamton Mets

    AFter June here are the short season teams
    Oneonta Tigers
    Auburn Doubledays
    Lowell SPinners
    Hudson Valley Renegades
    Tri-City Valley Cats
    Vermont Lake Monsters

    All of hte other sports are out of season for minor leagues. IF you have some money maybe you could catch a Sabres or Bruins playoff game (I don't follow hockey so I don't know if they are going to be in. You're lucky I didn't suggest the Hartford Whalers...)

    The Celtics will be in the playoffs too.

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