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  1. Default LA to Vegas via Sequoia

    I'm planning a trip from Sydney Australia to the US in Sept 2010 and want to drive from LA or SanDiego across to the Grand Canyon via Sequoia and Vegas.

    Wouldn't have a clue as to the best route or how long this might take, road conditions etc.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    This is a quite popular route on these forums and a quick search will present you with a multitude of posts about this subject. One thing you didn't mention is how much time you will have for your trip, and how much time you plan on spending in these various areas.

    You shouldn't have too much concern regarding road conditions and weather at that time of year, of course anything is certainly possible.

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    Default More questions than answers.

    Hello and welcome.

    Where are you actually finishing up, in Vegas or returning to LA ? There is no one "best route" and there are lots of options but having an idea of how long you will have for this trip will help us to offer meaningful suggestions as you could travel it in a few days or spend weeks exploring the area.

    As Tim has mentioned it is a very popular topic and searching the forums will provide lots of answers. Once you have a clearer picture and worked out your start and finish locations and time we can help to "fine tune" it.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Thanks for the replies guys.
    Ok - we basically have a around 4 days in total to travel and visit Las Vegas via Grand Canyon - that's it!
    We will be leaving from LA and travelling (with 2 kids) either of two ways:-

    1. To the grand canyon, staying overnight then heading off to Las Vegas (flying out from there).
    2. To Las Vegas, staying overnight and heading down to the grand canyon overnight and back to Las Vegas.

    I've had some recommendations to drive via Death Valley and not to miss the Sequoia National Park but are open to any better options.
    Having the kids in the car, we want to be able to stop every couple of hours or so.
    We have not booked anything as yet but using this as an information gathering exercise prior to booking very shortly.
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    Default Option 1 gets my vote.

    Option 1 is your best bet with your limited time and just to make the most of your time at those destinations. It's a long day's drive from LA to GC and you might want to spend a night on route, if so you could head through Joshua tree NP. Sequoia really isn't within the realms of possibility if you want any quality time at the GC but Death valley you could take a day trip from Vegas.

    So, to GC [overnight stop somewhere ?] continue to GC and spend the remainder of day exploring [1 night] spend the morning exploring some more and head to Vegas for 2 nights with the possibility of visiting Death valley.

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